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Welcome to my first blog!

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Well...this is a first...for me anyway. So, I am posting my first blog in the spirit of keeping up with the times. I assume that readers of blog number one might want to know something about me and how I approach my work. Goodness knows I am not a writer, so – here it goes!

How it all started

I’ve been running my own interior design business for 14 years now – a profession I arrived at in a very roundabout way. Looking back, perhaps, I might not have taken such a circuitous route. Growing up in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, I never even heard of an interior designer, much less imagine someone could do such fulfilling work as a career.

Like many, after finishing high school, I spent a few years working in retail before I chose to go to university to become a nurse (now, Nursing was a career we had heard of!) I loved it, and I loved specializing in oncology. It was meaningful work, and I learned so much about people and life. From there, I was encouraged by friends and associates to explore the life of a pharmaceutical sales rep. Working in that field allowed me to travel and meet many wonderful people and be in a variety of beautifully designed places.

Yet, all my life, no matter my chosen career, I always had a strong desire to work in interior design. The truth is, I had a natural aptitude for it, and my friends not only saw that in me but came to rely on my design sense and decorating suggestions. Even as a young child, I remember changing my bedroom around and, after raiding my Mom’s pansy patch, I would scour the house for an interesting object to display them in. I’ve always had that keen sense to recognize how patterns, colours, light could all work together to change an ordinary space into a haven.

Making my dream a reality

Even though I was working full time, I followed that dream and studied interior design part-time. Over the years, I received my certification, and I haven’t stopped learning since then. I consider myself lucky to have changed, what some might call, a childhood whim into a reality where I can envision, design and stage beautiful spaces for busy professionals like you.

Lucky for me, more and more people realized that creating a space that reflects a specific style and personality takes much more vision and planning than initially thought.

Making my clients design dreams a reality

For me, the process starts with discovering my client’s design style and how they will use the space. It’s essential to find out what design aesthetic appeals to them so that the result truly reflects who they are.

So, once we’ve explored how you live in the space and discussed thoroughly what you like and, as importantly, what you don’t like, I go into full-on planning mode.

The planning stage is extensive, and much of it is done behind the scenes. Every decision has to be made carefully and with the total plan in mind. Any change, even a small change, can have a domino effect.

Expert project management is crucial to executing a thoughtful and carefully constructed plan. I work closely with our trades to ensure the project is on time and budget. Doing it this way allows my clients to breathe easy while the bulk of the work is carried out. It also allows me the freedom to resolve any unforeseen problems that may arise.

Whether you’ve found your forever home or you’re preparing to put your home on the market, an interior design professional will help you use your resources – your budget and your existing belongings and mementos – in the best way possible. Interior designers can also help you determine where your budget can splurge and where you could save.

Getting started

This great article explains some top ways that hiring an interior design professional will yield the best results for you and your family.

This is the first of my blogs. I intend to do others. If you have questions about my first blog, have a suggestion for another blog topic, or if you want to create your dream space, don't hesitate to get in touch with me at

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