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Living Large in a Small Space!

Just because you may live in a small space, it doesn’t mean that you can’t live large when it comes to your furniture! Compact living is something that is hotter than ever. Whether it’s a city condo as a getaway, or downsizing as you get older, today, many people are becoming more intrigued by living in a smaller footprint.

The biggest decorating question many face when deciding on a smaller space is just how does one furnish it? So often, we tend to look at small furniture, and that’s not necessarily the incorrect thing to do, that is why condo-sized furniture was invented after all! Your room does need to feel comfortable and welcoming and not overcrowded.

What I wanted to share with you in today’s blog is a tip that I use all the time when designing for my small space living clients - and that’s adding in a large size piece of furniture! You read that right! We have to plan for the right size furniture - and the room - but that doesn’t mean it all has to be small!

I do not mean you go out and choose an overstuffed sofa that dominates the entire room, or you choose an enormous entertainment unit that wastes space. What I want you to consider is that adding a large piece of furniture to a space is a way to add personality, and it also helps reduce the “miniature” look condo-size furniture can tend to have.

How to Live Large in Your Small Space

The key thing to decorating any small space with larger pieces is footprint and placement. First and foremost, when it comes to small spaces, large mirrors are your friends. They help give the illusion of a larger space. Your living room, hallway and bedroom can all benefit from a large mirror.

For your living room, consider a beautifully crafted armoire. This is a great way to maximize your square footage by taking up less floor space, and utilize your vertical space.. If you do decide to have a piece that does carry a larger footprint, that’s ok! Just make sure the piece is multifunctional for the space.

Another great way to introduce them into your living area is to juxtapose these larger pieces with open areas like a hallway or a window. By allowing some natural space around it, your large piece of furniture will make a statement.

What about your bedroom? I say go for comfort! Get that kind size bed you’ve always wanted (if it fits). But instead of bulky bedroom suites, consider smaller elegant and simple end tables or floating shelves around your bed. And elevate your lighting! Have hanging pendant lights or articulating light fixtures that attach to the wall.

What about your home office? With a smaller living space, an entire room that’s dedicated as an office may be difficult. I love to look for double duty pieces and pieces that offer flexibility with space and work. For that small home office, look for a smaller work surface desk that has a separate file cabinet or drawer system that is on rollers and will fit under the desk when not in use. If you can, consider using a tall bookcase for extra storage and display. These two pieces can easily be incorporated into a small space without requiring the entire room to be dedicated to the office.

I challenge you to think big in your small space. And if you’re stuck, I am a phone call away to help you make sure that your space reflects you and your personal style, while also being fully functional. If you have questions or if you need my help to get started on your small space, I would love to design a space that is uniquely yours, why not book a consultation with me? Just click here to get started!

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