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Front Entrance that inspires and welcomes guests

Have you ever felt underwhelmed when you walk in your front door? Yet you're not sure what's missing? Does it feel dull, lacking warmth, and doesn't make you feel welcome?

How firm is your handshake?

Your entrance is equivalent to a handshake when you first meet someone. You can tell a lot from that handshake. Is it weak, limp, too strong? Your entrance is like a home handshake for your visitors. It's the first impression of your home, and it should greet them warmly and invite them to come in further.

Express yourself through your personal design

Above all, your entrance should function for you and your family, but it should also look fabulous! I like to incorporate colours that flow from the main space. The entrance is a great place to introduce beautiful wallpaper, either on the walls or ceiling. Your design can help you express your personality and bring lots of interest to the area. Choose a gorgeous ceiling light fixture—something different but one that goes with the style of the rest of your home.

Add a console table where you can put a sculptural bowl to toss your keys into when you come home and add a lovely lamp for extra lighting and visual warmth. Above that, you can have unique and interesting art pieces or a gorgeous mirror for the last check of your lipstick before you run out the door.

If you have the space, incorporate seating of some kind, allowing a place to sit and don shoes. You could choose a lovely upholstered bench or maybe just a small chair or stool. If space is limited, you can tuck the bench or stool under a sofa table (that can then be easily pulled out when needed).

A forgiving rug

Lastly, don't forget an area rug. Make sure it covers as much area in the entrance as possible. This way, if you have several visitors at once, they can easily walk in and still be safely on the rug with outdoor shoes. You may need to cut and bound the rug to size. The rug should also be "forgiving." What I mean is that you should look for a colour and pattern that will disguise dirt more than a plain light colour rug.

Your goal

You want your guests to walk into your place and be comfortable and enamored right away. But, remember...first impressions are lasting ones!

This goes for your home too, and that starts with your entrance.

How to get started

If you have questions or suggestions for another blog topic, or if you are ready to get started on creating your dream space, I would love to design a space that is uniquely yours, get in touch with me at

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