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Brighten up your Culinary Space: 5 must-know tips for Kitchen Lighting Design

Kitchen lighting is an important part of creating a functional and inviting space. The correct lighting can make the difference between cooking dinner with ease, or struggling to see what you're doing. it makes sense that you want your kitchen to be as functional as possible - and pleasant too! That's why proper lighting is essential for any kitchen. Layers of lighting contribute to a well-designed kitchen.


Optimizing Pot Light Placement

The position of your pot lights is critically important. I cannot tell you how many homes I have been

in where the pot lights are in a straight line down the middle of a walkway in the kitchen, which is

absolutely incorrect placement. Pot lights should provide lighting for tasks while not creating shadows. To attain this, pot lights should be placed so that they are positioned over the work surface.

I prefer to place them 25” out from the wall so that the light shines on the work surface but also will illuminate drawers when opened without creating shadows on the task at hand. Over the sink.... place the light over the sink, not behind you. Pot lights do not need to be in a line. Position them so that they support the task at hand.

Illuminating with under-cabinet lights

Under cabinet, lights are the most common type of kitchen lighting. They can be used to illuminate countertops, light up dark corners of the kitchen, or even light up a specific area of your kitchen.

Under cabinet lighting is placed under all or most of your upper cabinets or floating shelves and can add a great deal of light for working in the kitchen but will also add ambiance when dimmed.

"Under cabinet lighting is something you should consider for the cabinetry in your garage too!”

Stylish Island Lighting Options

This is an area where you can show your personality and style! There are many options for island lighting, from flush mounts to opulent chandeliers. What you choose depends on the kitchen style and your personal taste. I prefer to have a pendant-style light that is dimmable. I also prefer to have the island light(s) on their own switch so that you can have these on and dimmed independently of the other kitchen lights. The rule of thumb for the island light position is between 30 and 36 inches above the island surface. However, this depends on the fixture, the height of the ceiling, and the overall look of the space.

Choosing Ideal Light Temperature

Light temperature is a measure of how much energy an object emits. It's measured in Kelvin (k), the same scale used to describe the colour of stars. The higher a bulb's light temperature, the more blue it appears; lower temperatures produce more yellowish tones.

On most lightbulb boxes, there will be a temperature gauge showing the light temperature or colour of the light. For me, the sweet spot is 3000k since it's bright but still warm. 2700k will be quite yellow and not very bright, whereas anything above 3000k will read as more blue. A light that's too blue translates as very cold and stark. Also, keep all of the light around your home at the same light temperature for a unified look.

Light Switches: The Final Touch have a perfect lighting plan, you've chosen your fixtures....all is good! more have to make some decisions about your light switches. Yes, I know...BORING!!.... But very necessary and not so boring anymore. So many high-tech switches are available these days that it requires research to choose the right switch.

With universal design in mind, the light switches should be placed between 36" and 48" above the finished floor. Also, consider choosing large flat panel switches with light touch control. This will look great and be easy for anyone to use.


You have saved for a new kitchen, know your style, and researched what this significant renovation entails. Now it's down to the fine choices of cabinet styles, door profiles, hardware, Designing a kitchen includes a thoughtfully designed lighting plan.

Make sure the light fixture and light switch placement are optimized for good function. Think about how you will move around and use the space. All of these things will be addressed with the aid of a good kitchen designer.

After the reno is completed, you can finally invite close friends and family in, dim the lights, and pour a glass of Cabernet. In the morning, you get up and brew a hot expresso in your JURA Z10 expresso machine. Your new kitchen will increase your happy moments as well as increase your property value. Make sure it's done perfectly. Happy kitchen...happy home!

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